Packaged bags

Phil’s Firewood was the first to offer delivery of packaged firewood in Philadelphia. Initially for residents only, we now deliver to restaurants and other  businesses as well. Compared to retail bundles, our blue polypropylene bags are strong, stackable, reusable and waterproof on the bottom/sides, while allowing the wood to breathe through the open top. Compared to other industrial bags in the market, our bags are smaller and easier to carry and stack. Keep and re-use them or return to us at your next delivery.

Our (blue) bag volume:  1/35 cord

Air dried firewood

The most common method of seasoning, air dried firewood is left in stacks or loose piles, and dries over time (ideally 10 – 12 months). Unlike kiln dried firewood, there can be significant variability in the air dried process that can cause a broad range of moisture content among pieces, even within the same pile of wood. These variables include:
  • Length/thickness of pieces
  • Stacking vs. loose pile
  • Exposure to sun and wind
  • Seasonal weather
  • Covered vs. Uncovered
  • Seasoning time
  • Processing method (ex. Seasoning in logs, rounds or split pieces)
If firewood sellers and buyers can argue over advertised volume (they do), they certainly argue over the moisture content of firewood; meaning how well seasoned it is. And there is no shortage of opinions on the best methods of seasoning firewood. The challenge is that many of these methods require more time and labor than many firewood suppliers are willing to give. Phil works closely with our suppliers to monitor and improve their processing and seasoning methods. Depending on the season and variables listed above, the moisture content of our air dried firewood ranges from 15% to 30%.

Kiln dried firewood

Kiln dried firewood is seasoned by inserting the wood into large, industrial ovens. The baking process instantly seasons the wood, and kills bugs/pests. Pennsylvania and New Jersey state departments of health require firewood stored inside restaurants to be kiln dried. In addition to eliminating bugs, baking the wood produces the driest firewood available. The moisture content of our kiln dried firewood averages 12% to 20%. For restaurants, very dry wood is good for starting fires… and maintaining a high cooking/grilling temperature for wood burning ovens and grills. For residents, kiln dried firewood is ideal if the wood must be stored indoors.

Specialty firewood

Any special wood requests are considered “specialty firewood,” and are available for air dried packaged bags only. Examples include oak and cherry.
We use different suppliers, depending on the season and their supply. Availability of specific species varies year to year. Join our email list to receive notice when certain species of wood become available.

Cord wood

Wood by the cord is the universal standard unit of firewood volume. One full cord is a tightly stacked pile of wood measuring 8 feet long by 4 feet wide by 4 feet tall. (To calculate volume of any firewood stack in cubic feet, multiply length by width by height.) A full cord is 128 cubic feet. For restaurants or other businesses that have the storage space and will use this much wood, cord wood is our most economical product option. (Because it requires the least amount of labor to produce.) Cord wood is available throughout the Philadelphia region. Please note: cord wood is not available for residents. (Restaurants only)

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